Costs using as an employer

Using as an Employer

Interested in recruiting staff trough our unique website? We offer packages 2 promotion plans for recruiting only one employee or more staffmembers!

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Post a job on and our visitors (potential staff) will apply to your jobs. Easy as that! We have 30 spots a month available for job openings. We do this just to make sure that all vacancies get enough responses from employees.

Monthly costs € 125,- excl. VAT/ BTW (max. 25 jobs online)


available with a minimum of 2 months

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Although using is a very good way finding your staff, it is possible to promote your job openings even more! Because of the huge amount of daily refreshed jobs, it’s important to stay visible. Easily by requesting a TOPJOB you will stay on top of our pages as long as you want. A TOPJOB is a normal job opening sticked to the top of the page! This way you will have even more chance to attract to best team you have ever had!

Monthly costs € 275,- excl. VAT/ BTW (max. 5 topjobs online)


available per month

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